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Fifty fish and a four pounder...

This family was an absolute pleasure to have aboard the Guiding Light. It was a beautiful day on Lake Winnipesaukee on Monday. A lot calmer after the holiday weekend.

We started the day in the spot where an almost five pound smallmouth was taken on the 4th of July. Then we bounced around to other rocky points, catching fish at each one. Before we knew it, they had caught almost fifty fish before we hit one last spot. I told them that it could be hit or miss in this area but I thought we could catch some bigger ones.

The last spot did not disappoint. Leah and Eli caught a number of smallmouth between two and four pounds. And needless to say, this family of four surpassed the fifty fish mark on the day.

As a guide, I consider it an honor to play a part in lifelong vacation memories like this. It was such a fun day and so great to see smiles all around. Kudos to Grandpa and Dad for taking the kids fishing. That's the good stuff.

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