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Sleepers Castle

On Monday, Jay was back for another round of smallmouth fishing. The morning started a little slow with more rock bass than smallmouth. Then it picked up and we had another successful day with the smallies.

We finished the trip with a few drifts past the castle on Sleepers Island, which piqued my curiosity. I found a nice summary of the castle's history at the following link:

A few of the high points that I found interesting were:

  • The castle was built in 1911 by the same craftsman who built the Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough.

  • The castle was modeled after the castles along the Rhine in Europe.

  • For a few years there was a property to the right of the castle where people could rent rooms with a dock space. It was referred to as a "Boat-el". The property is now under private ownership.

Whether you are fishing or just sightseeing, there are many points of interest around the lake. It was another beautiful day.

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